Essential Travel Guide to Spain for 2020


Madrid – Home to Real Madrid & Bullfights

Oh, yes; time to talk about bullfighting. You might have seen the videos or pictures, but nothing beats experiencing it for yourself in the city of Madrid. Seeing the bulls go at the torero full speed for yourself is something the camera simply can’t capture.

The 16th century architecture is enough to make even the coldest of hearts fall in love, either with the city or your significant other all over again. The city is clean, not just on the outside, on the inside as well. There is no smell or sewage or smoke in the air, only greenery. However, you might end up smelling bulls time and time again, but that’s expected from the capital of bullfighting.

The staff is accustomed to tourists and speaks English very well, offering bespoke services at all times. Unfortunately, not all eateries and restaurants enjoy the same fluency in communication. You might have to rely on Google translate if you are looking to go to local restaurants.

We recommend going there in spring, autumn, or winters. The summers can get extremely hot there and you might not get to see as much bullfighting action as you had hoped.  March is the best month for a visit.

Barcelona – Home of FC Barcelona

Must-Do Things

  1. Visit the green heart of Madrid – Retiro Park
  2. Explore King Philip V’s Royal Palace
  3. Football/Soccer fan? There’s always a match taking place at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
  4. Plaza de Toros – the name says it all. See the thrill of bullfighting for yourself.
  5. On a Sunday, go to El Rastro. It would seem like the whole city has come out to shop. Plus, you’ll get bargains you might not be expecting on everything!


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