Essential Travel Guide to Spain for 2020


Hemisfèric in Valencia

For history fans and scale modelers alike, the city of Valencia offers beautiful architectural feats in its concrete jungle. Tired of concrete? Visit the beach an experience the blue sea in all its vigor in front of you with contrasting red building tops behind.

The city is also home to the classic Spanish dish of Paella – a must have for all. Is it rice? Is it meat? Oh, no, it could be seafood! Or is it a mix of both? No, it’s Paella – there’s no other way to describe it.

Seeing is believing, and Valencia’s annual Fallas Festival is a prime example of that. We can describe its vibrant colors, sculptures, fireworks, or the general love people have for each other, but words simply aren’t enough to describe the experience this festival offers.

However, the transport system of the city isn’t as developed as you might be used to or that of close-by Barcelona. So you might have to walk a bit.

Must-Do Things

  1. Experience Malvarossa beach without having to see other tourists
  2. Try the Paella – we can’t stress this enough!
  3. If you’re visiting in March, don’t miss out on the heartwarming and religious Fallas festival
  4. Go to the Valencia Cathedral and see the Holy Grail. Maybe you’ll figure out whether this is the real one or not – something historians still debate upon?
  5. Walk or bike along the Turia river bed and see the beauty of nature firsthand.


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