Croatia Travel Guide for 2020

Zagreb, Croatia

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb has culture, art, sports, and academics at its centre, but nothing beats the city’s historical prowess. Built around two medieval fortresses, the city still holds true to its roots by letting tourists take in the green beauty of nature and marvel at the brown fortress walls

Its open-air markets and ancient cathedrals combine to make Zagreb the perfect city to explore, either alone, with friends, or with your significant other.

Tired of the concrete jungle? Head over to the Dalmatian Coast dubbed as one of the most scenic coasts in Europe.

However, despite the city being exceptionally beautiful, rich in culture, and full of undiscovered secrets, you’ll be welcomed by locals, not tourists wherever you go.

Must-Do Things

  1. Visit the Plitvice lake
  2. Walk the city and feel the sun set over a medieval-inspired city
  3. See the war tunnels and explore the history of Croatia on foot
  4. Visit the Bornstein wine bar for an exemplary wine tasting menu
  5. Take a break at Zinfandel’s and experience Croatian delicacies at their finest.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The war in Croatia in the 1990’s left its marks in Dubrovnik, but you get to experience the calm after a war here with its white city infrastructure. The city is surrounded by green hills and Alps, giving you genuine vibes of what Tolkien’s Minas Tirith would have felt like.

The city has a pedestrian-only Old Town to give you a break from car horns and engine sounds, giving you the refreshing feel you were looking for when planning a vacation. Although not as rich as Zagreb, Dubrovnik has its own charm, especially when you see the sun setting behind the green hills.

The sea also welcomes you, urging tourists to have a taste of seafood at its finest.

Must-Do Things

  1. Walk to Walls of Dubrovnik next to the setting sun
  2. Visit the secluded monastery of Lokrum
  3. Go to the Stardun Clock tower to experience the nightlife of Dubrovnik
  4. Visit the Rector’s Palace for a lesson in history
  5. Relax at Nautika with exquisite meals any time of day – remember to book an appointment beforehand though!

Split, Croatia

When people say “beautiful Croatia,” Split isn’t far behind the capital in terms of greenery or Dubrovnik in terms of beaches. The whole place is littered with remnants of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, letting you experience the rich history of the palace for yourself. That’s 1,700 years of history to experience. Time it right, and you can listen to priests sing in harmony with incredible acoustics right next to the Split City Museum.

Unfortunately, despite the city’s beauty and historical value, it’s not as rich in food variety. People who have trouble walking might also have to miss out on some of the most beautiful places in the city, such as the Krka National Park – a blend of blue and green (water and trees). Nature really shows its beauty off in the park.

Must-Do Things

  1. Visit the Krka National Park
  2. Go to the Saint Domnius Cathedral – a 4th century Catholic Church.
  3. Visit the Mestrovic Gallery – Home to Mestrovic’s marvelous sculpts.
  4. Go to the Bacvice Beach at dawn or twilight.
  5. If you’re a fan of green hills and wildlife, don’t miss the Suma Marjan park.


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