Fastest Muscle Cars of All Time: 2020 Edition

The 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

1969 plymouth road runner review
Source: Sicnag / CC 2.0 Wikimedia

The Road Runner – the third best-selling muscle car when it came to the 90’s muscle sports car, outsold many others thanks to its sleek design and power. If you are mixed between the Warner Bros.’ road runner and this beauty, you’re right to do so, since the name and the beep-beep it makes is thanks to Plymouth’s Road Runner!


Production 1968-1980
Type Gas Engine
Engine Standard 383 and optional 426 Hemi
Mileage 13 mpg
Horsepower 335 hp
0-60 mph 5.5 sec
Quarter Mile 13.7 sec
Top Speed 150 mph


Even in 2020, there are a lot of cars that can’t beat these lesser-known muscle cars, if we can even call the Road Runner a lesser known muscle car. Except for the new features, Plymouth’s Road Runner had it all.

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