Best Cars of the 1990s

Dodge Viper

dodge viper review

The Dodge Viper SR I and SR II were easily part of the best sports cars of the 90s, coming in a variety of colors. The convertible had it all – looks, style, performance, and most importantly, luxury.

You can see this beast roaring on the roads today as well and find second hand Dodge Vipers on sale easily. Their asking price starts from $25,000 and can go as high as $39,900 depending on the condition of the car and how much it’s been driven. This bad boy was the biggest contender Chevrolet’s Corvette had.


Production 1991 – 2017
Type Gas Engine/Hybrid option
Engine (Dodge Viper 1992) 8.4-litre V10 engine
Fuel Tank Capacity 22 gal
Mileage Hwy/City 20/11 mpg
Horsepower 400 hp
0-60 mph 4.4 sec
Quarter Mile 13.1 sec
Top Speed 184 mph


This was the pride sports car of Dodge throughout the 1990s. Drivers enjoyed the car’s aesthetic immensely as they drove down the road, all eyes fixed on the roaring beast.

Its legendary speed ruled the roads throughout the 90s and is one of the most exciting rides to come from Dodge for decades.


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